Download FAQ


Recently a number Internet Web Browsers (the thing you use to look at website with) have chnaged the way they work. They have introduced DSAFE download areas and DOWNLOAD managers.

THis is helpful in one respect - assisting web novices to avoid probelms with acciental viruis's etc. However for anyone liuke uys who provides SAFE and QULAITY download contents - its a little bit of a probelm. THe reason is that its harder for our users to get the conmt6ents they want.

So we have introduced these instructions to help expolain just what to do - to get your POI Downl;oads from the site. This covers the FREE CONTENTS - if you are after details of the MASSIVE CD ROM DOWNLOAD of 100+ POI SETS - then see HERE.

OK first off there is a box with some info in it, a little picture of the POI type and some wriing. THere is also a  TITLE in the box in BLUE an dif you point at it then iut should becomeUNDERLINED. To hel;p ypou why not try pointing at the example box underneath:



Well you do get a certain class of people at ASDA, say what you like ! But they are cheap, good value and have recently introduced some great new products. So fire up the satnav and find them. This is also in the SUPERMARKET Collection (on the disk).

GReat - the title which says UK ASDA should have become underlined when you pointed the mouse at it ? Right that means that you can click on that and it will do something - in this case STRAT ythje download off.

OK - when you click it you may get a BOX on the screen which says OPEN, SAVE CANCEL - in this case we want to SAVE. Clicking SAVE will then open iup a dialogue box (box where you tell the computer where you want to save the FILE to). In this case select somewher you can find again - perhapos DESktop or your DOCUNETS files area ?

The other thing that mnight happen is a box appears warning youi about UNSAFE FILES - whioch mya DAMAGE YOUR COMPUTER. Thats correct - if you DOWNLOAD unknown contents they can be dangerous. However - all our contents are NON ACTIVE for  start (i.e. they are just data). Plus we have them regularly checked nby McAFEE. If you like click here to see the MAcAFEE report on our FILE.

So youi can safely allow the conmt5ebst to be DOWNLOADED to your conputer.

Sometimes neither of tehse things happens - it just looks like nothiunbg at allk has happened., If this is thexcase its probably a DOWNLOAD MNAGARE at work. THis is a small program in your Web Browser that tries to manatge and check DOWNLOADS.

THere are a coupmeof ays to wpokr with it - one way is just after lcikcing the little undelrined link (you can try a test on the example one above if you like). Then click on the KEYBOPARD the followiung KEYS: hold down CONTROL and press J

THis wil;l bring up the DOWNL:OAD MANAGRe and you sghould see a number of recemt DOWNLOAD you have done inside it. THere you can check the DONWLOAD is compoleted and also allow certain files and check wherev they are saved. In the case of FIREFOX the DOWNLOAD mANGER often puits the DONWLOAD into the following places on the computer: c:\users\urnaem\downloads\#

You can nalso locate this from your STRAT - USERNAME - DOWNLOADS or under FAVORITES - DOWNLOADS

Once you have found the downloaded file (which is a comprssd ZIp file) - you can follow the instriction son loading that onto your satnmav. We hope this small review has helped you to get to grips with downl;aods. THey are a difficuylt area if you are not used to them and oine of the nmain probelms opeipolke bface who havent domne them before.


if you get a warniong about unsafe contents -0 just click CONTINUE. If you get the RUN SAVE CNACEL message - then website. After a while we had lots of queries from owners of other satellite devices asking if the HIGH QUALITY POINTS OF INTEREST data sets we provided could be used on their devices. We decided to launch this website GARMINFREE.COM to help those people.

Buying and then properly understanding the best ways to use a high quality satnav device  has chnaged over the years. GIS and mobile mapping has become more mainstream and not the preserve of "geeks" anymore. However the aim of this site and our business remains unchanged

the aim is very simple - to provide the best, fullest, most accurate quality POI sets, without charge. We have an established track record of providing exactly this data to end users for free. You can download 20 high quality POI sets without any charge. If you like these and seek more then have  a look at our compilation CD ROM or COLLECTED DOWNLOAD 

As a business - nobody pays us to give our products away to people. The way it works is like this: the POIs we list here on the site are totally free to use and download. You can try them out and check out the reliability of our data - they are full POI sets with nothing taken away.


For example We hope you will like them and will be encouraged to buy our massive collected set either on CD ROM or as a DOWNLOAD.

This amazxing collection has over 100 different POI sets covering every conceivable thing. Having this on CD or DOWNLOAD makes updating very easy and we also include FREE UPDATES with each copy - so you can always have the latest info.

This will save you a lot of time and effort, downloading different files, sorting them and trying to locate them on this and other various "free" sites. With so many varied quality Points Of Interest  out there, we bring you certainty, plus giving GARMIN users the features and range that TOMTOM users have had for the last few years.

Free Garmin POI's

We have collected together the best and most useful POI's for you to try out FOR FREE . You can either use the link on the nav-bar at the top or click on the various other links LIKE THIS ONE FOR FREE DOWNLOADS

Mr S Melly-Geek, Wittering: I was a sad and lonely person, with no friends, eating only crisps and drinking coca cola. I shied away from going outdoors and ordered  my crisps and cola online. My days were a weary succession of turgid introspection and woe. The only bright spot was an occasional email from a Nigerian company offering me personal services of a dubious nature! It was buying your POI CD that changed my life completely. It arrived promptly, two days later and was delivered by a sprightly, young, plump postal worker called Georgina. We immediately hit it off - and after she modified my diet, took me on long walks, shaved my beard off, got me to brush my teeth and comb my hair - as well as a significant re-styling to my wardrobe - we were married. Thank you, thank you and thank again - you have changed my life. I have only good things to say about your wonderful CD ROM, other than one small point. Of the more than 100 different categories you include, which encompass everything conceivable - you appear to have omitted one obvious category. If you could rectify this matter at your earliest convenience and ensure that famous crisp factories of Britain are included in the new release ?

enyhow will help you each step of the way, with us there are no large upfront costs, which then leave you with technology that you can't operate or use, which ends up being a liability not an asset. Our model is to grow the services you need as they bring in sales and revenues.

Our customers often start by just trying out one of our solutions. Once they see the effect it has on their business, they quickly move to a dedicated package tailored for their needs.

Our services are modular and by blending together the ones that a customer needs, we can make sure that you get the most benefit without unnecessary expense. All of our services use the "new media" ability of tracking the interactions with the consumer and using this information. One of the biggest benefits from "new media" is the ability to understand who, when and what is being purchased.

Why not call us up today and have a chat with one of our team, there is no obligation and you won't hear any technical jargon from us. We help people use "new media" to get what they want, without the complexity that always seems to go with this area.