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Selection of FREE POI for Garmin Satnav's

Just take a look at the boxes and the various items in them. Select the ones you want and click the BLUE TITLE to DOWNLOAD that POI set. Some modern web browsers (firefox, IE9 etc) have changed the way DOWNLOADS work to try and combat virus's. If you can't seem to save these DOWNLOADs please see our FAQ section


This POI file has all of the London Underground Stations shown ready for you to use. We created this from data from Transport For London and so it is up to date. An essential download for your trips to the capital. Why not use it handheld ?


Well you do get a certain class of people at ASDA, say what you like ! But they are cheap, good value and have recently introduced some great new products. So fire up the satnav and find them. This is also in the SUPERMARKET Collection (on the disk).


Wetherspoons - love it or hate it ? No smoking, no musak, "traditional" feel fake oak beams. But the team love the curry lunches and reasonable priced food. The beer is also cheap and well kept.  Our editor has a vendetta against Wetherspoons as he was poorly treated, enough said ...


This single POI file is also included in our DIY collection (on the disk). I often have to rush out to B&Q to buy some extra sand, cable, plugs and various other bits. Sunday's wouldn't be complete without it ! I am sure this will be very popular....


All the team here like Golf, and play as much as possible. This is a collection of most of the Golf courses in the UK - especially the affiliated ones. If your golf course isn't here then contact us with an address and we can add it. This is also part of the clubs Collection (on the disk).


Or favourite petrol stations - all because of the Wild Bean Cafe's, that advert is just nuts ! Esso "on the run" doesn't come close - have you tried the coffee ? Anyway this is also part of our Petrol Stations collections (on the Disk_ an essential I would think.


This file also features as part of our UK Heritage Locations collection (on the disk. Someone once explained it thus; National Trust - Historic Houses, English Heritage - Historic Outside toilets. I think they were perhaps being a little unfair !


We love KWIK FIT - so do most users. We had specific request for this POI set. Our fleet  use KWIK FIT for all repair jobs, tyres etc. They do vary in quality from one garage to the other, but the guarantees are good and they do what they say on the tin "KWIK FIT".


Other websites have a file purporting to be IKEA stores. Well that file has lots of stores missing. Hence the importance of  using GARMINFREE.COM ? This has ALL UK IKEA stores on it including the latest one in London that caused the fuss when it opened.


Well we are a Christian society still - whatever BA view on dress codes may be ! We do also provide other faiths POI's, Muslim, Buddhist, Catholic, Sikh, Hindi etc. We even have a special Methodist church POI set on the disk. Whatever faith you are we probably have something.


We love to boogie the night away at Gatecrasher or the Salvation Army Club For Boys. We have included a large number of popular clubs here as well as some pub-clubs. The team here are more "flouride generation " than the  "Ibiza  generation". We were the first  to be bought up with fluoride as an additive in the toothpaste. Sorted ...

National Trust UK

Well here is the jewel the crown of English Heritage (get it). We make sure that we join every year and do love our days out to sites of interest. This ones been updated, including the re-positioning of Lanhydrock so you don't try and turn off a dual carriageway. Its also in our Heritage collection (on the disk).


Here is a list of well known Pubs where the beer is kept in good condition, service is friendly and the facilities are good. You can see our other pub related POI's - gastro's, general etc on the disk.  But for now here is a list of pubs that are well worth a visit.


This has the main UK beauty salons and hairdressers, with phone numbers. So if like us you are driving along and suddenly feel the urge for a quick pedicure or facial, you can locate a shop and stop for a treatment ! Indeed - we love nothing better on our way to work..


Well we don't like Focus quite as much as B&Q because there are not so many in our area. We used to use them all the time and they are certainly cheaper than B&Q. They seem to be  regional DIY store though and as such feature on our DIY Collections (in the disk) so to get them all just get the collection.