Simple help loading POI's

Step by Step help on how to Load POI into your  Garmin satnav

This is the detailed Step By Step guide to loading the Points Of Interest which you have downloaded from this site into your Garmin satnav. Please see our DISCLAIMER at the bottom of the page before proceeding.

Here is a summary in Bullet Points of the process we will be following:

  1. Save the DOWNLOAD
  2. Unzip the DOWNLOAD
  3. Get Garmin POILOADER
  4. Install the Garmin POILOADER
  5. Use the Garmin POILOADER
  6. Load up Unzipped files
  7. Complete - test on Garmin

A. Save the Download

first off SAVE the DOWNLOAD from the left hand side of this page by clicking on the BLUE HEADLINE NAME for that POI you need.

Make sure you save the file to a place you can find on your PC, DESKTOP or DOCUMENTS is best. Its a ZIP file and so you may need to tell you VIRUS/FIREWALL software to allow it.

B. Unzip the Download

Now you go to the DOWNLOAD you saved earlier and its a ZIp file. So you OPEN that up using the standard windows open command or WinZip.

Inside you will find a .BMP image (that's the little icon you will see on the garmin and are shown to the right of the boxes containing the POIs to the left.

You will also find a .CSV file - this is the actual data file and has the latitude, Longitude, Name and Phone number (if relevant) for that location inside it.

C. Get Garmin POILoader

To load the extracted files you require a tool from Garmins website,. Its called POI Loader and can load up POI's onto the Garmin device. You can find it HERE - its rather hard to locate on Garmins site and the compatibility list of Satnav's is rather out of date as well. Best download a copy and try it out.

D. Install Garmin POILoader

SAVE the POILoader to your computer, locate it and run it. The installer will run - you only nee Install it the once and you can then use it many times.

You can check its installed by trying to open and start it - which you do by clicking on START - ALL PROGRAMS - GARMIN - GARMIN POILOADER if its there and you can start it up - its all good !

E. Start and Use Garmin POILoader

With the loader started you need to connect your Garmin so the loader will find it. Once its found then you can step through the options.
Its pretty simple to load up some POI files. There are two modes - one loads up every file in a directory./ The other gives a bit more control and loads up files individually from the Directory. Make sure you collect your POI files into one directory, its doesn't like trying to load every potential file from a whole hardisk !

F. Load the Unzipped Files

Make sure your POI contents are all in one folder. Then BROWSE FOR CONTENT and select the folder. It will then pickup the contents - choose EXPRESS MODE. This will load all the POI files into the Garmin - job done !

After loading you should see this message;

 "You have successfully loaded xxx Points Of Interest into your Garmin"

Unplug the Garmin and turn it on to check the POI have been loaded. They appear in different places on each Garmin model.
We suggest looking in CUSTOM - POI or EXTRAS -CUSTOM or FAVOURITES - CUSTOM POI. If the message confirmed they had been loaded and you cannot find them - refer to the Garmin manual.

Advanced POI Options

There are a number of more advanced uses for the loader. Depending on the contents and the services you are after. You can set speed and distance warnings for any locations (use often for Speed Cameras, Low Bridges etc).

You can also select certain files and avoid others. If you are interested in these advanced options we suggest you read the Help guide with the POILoader.

Our sister site does a full system for Low Bridges, Narrow Roads, Widths, Weights and so on for Caravans, Motor Homes, Trucks, Trailer and HGV's at WWW.HGVSOLUTIONS.COM

Warning: Disclaimer

The contents of this site and the HELP pages are provided to try and help as many people as possible use and load POI onto their devices. Whilst there is a massive culture of semi-technical guides on the internet - we are still required to ensure that anyone wanting to follow the guides does so in the full knowledge of what they are doing. Please see our disclaimer below to make sure you are aware of the risks of mistakes when doing such technical work. 

DISCLAIMER: These instructions are supplied solely to assist users in loading and using POI data on their Garmin devices. We make no guarantee about their accuracy, suitability or correctness for any purpose. Whilst we take every care to try and provide accurate information - errors are always possible. Please be aware that modifying, loading or changing data on a satnav, device or computer can result in data corruption or loss. Landis Media Ltd and its group companies accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, interruption, delay, death arising. Any use of data, instructions or the website is entirely at the users own risk. Special Note: If you are an inexperienced user or if the satnav, computer or data is mission critical - we suggest that you seek experienced professional help. We are happy to provide such assistance to users at our standard hourly rates.