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Selection of FREE POI for Garmin Satnav's

Just take a look at the boxes and the various items in them. Select the ones you want and click the BLUE TITLE to DOWNLOAD that POI set. Some modern web browsers (firefox, IE9 etc) have changed the way DOWNLOADS work to try and combat virus's. If you can't seem to save these DOWNLOADs please see our FAQ section


Well you do get a certain class of people at ASDA, say what you like ! But they are cheap, good value and have recently introduced some great new products. So fire up the satnav and find them. This is also in the SUPERMARKET Collection (on the disk).


Other websites have a file purporting to be IKEA stores. Well that file has lots of stores missing. Hence the importance of  using GARMINFREE.COM ? This has ALL UK IKEA stores on it including the latest one in London that caused the fuss when it opened.