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Point Of Interest Data (POIs)

What are POIs ? Why would I want them ? What do they do ?

Points Of Interest data (called POI for short)  - are simply information about locations that can be used on digital maps or satnav's. They allow a satnav or map user to quickly find and locate places they want to visit - be that a shop, park, store, house, service or anything else. You may already know that satnav's come with some locations (which are often out of date) included on them - things like supermarkets and petrol stations. However - adding your own business locations is a very powerful and modern way to grow trust and literally "drive more customers to your door"

the top Marketing Manager from a leading gastro-pub chain says: using POIs is the best kept marketing secret. We were amazed its such an effective method at such a low costs ! We really couldn't believe that it had such an effect on our footfall - and so quickly. I just hope you guys keep this very low key as I don't want my competitors hearing about this ....

Landis Media have more than 8 years experience in creating and distributing POI sets for FTSE 250, Blue Chips and other companies. Having your own POI set will make sure that your customers or visitors will use and then find your locations. We support all the leading brands and make POI that can be used on tomtom, garmin and navman / mio satnavs as well as on Google, android and iPad and iPhone devices

We offer a complete and simple "end to end" service - like no other

Our service offers a "one stop shop" solution - which brings together into one package everything needed to benefit from using POIs. You need to both create POI sets for your stores/locations and then get them onto customers devices.

Landis Media has a unique advantage over any competitors - we own and operate two of the largest and most popular POI download websites: tomtomfree.com and garminfree.com !

a leading retail chain told us: we were overjoyed with the results. After just 3 weeks of using the POI data - we saw a 20% weekday upturn and 40% increase at weekends. Our feedback showed customers liked to know where they were going before they set out and it helped them choose our stores over others

As an expert GIS company - we take the locations you supply and create POI files for you. These POIs are compatible with all leading satnav makes and models - namely tomtom, garmin and navman/mio.

These can be hosted on your own website for direct use and also distributed through various POI download channel's. This includes tomtoms own portal, garmin sites and our own leading sites tomtomfree.com and garminfree.com. This means you can quickly get your locations out to customers and get them used.

How can this be so successful ? 

A combination of these methods helps to get your POI contents widely spread. Plus having the relevant GIS location data can allow you to move into other new application areas for GIS like the iPad and IPhone. Having accurate GIS data is a key building block for other services.

Luke Midlock from leading English Heritage says: our business just cannot function now without helping customers find us. Rapid growth recently has extended the numbers of sites we run and people now demand easy ways to get to us and check opening times. Landis Media helped us all the way - we are now developing an iPHONE version with them of the site lists and including the facilities and menus.

Truly Effective 21st Century Marketing Method

No other marketing method can be as effective as this - when a customer knows they can simply select a store from the list and drive there. This is an extremely powerful factor in making a decision and gives many consumers the re-assurance they need before visiting.

Having accurate locations they can use, helps encourage repeat visits as well as visits to other locations. Research has shown that customers who have a POI set on their satnav are 70% more likely to visit that business than any another. This increases even more for customers loyal to a brand e.g. pub chain, restaurant, electrical retailer or supermarket. Its obviously good business sense to do anything you can to help a customer find your store easily. You can also include the phone number - allowing a customer to call the store / shop directly from their satnav. They can check details such as opening times, menus or booking.

If you think that your business could benefit from using POIs in some way, or you would just like to know a little more about them - why not call us up 07920056333 or contact us